Why Use a Dynamic Electronic Air Filter

• 98% of the particles in the air are invisible to the naked eye. That means the large particles you see on the outside of any filter are only a small fraction of the problem.
• The Dynamic Electronic Air Filter uses a polarized media (7000 volts in a three layered pad) so the place to look first for evidence that your filter is working is on the inside of the pad. The fact that the voltage is applied first to the middle carbon layer causes the particles to adhere to the filter from the inside out. Normally we look at the outside of any filter to determine if we see lots of dust caked on it. But with this filter you look at the inside out.
• Cut a corner of the pad off with scissors (when changing the pad). Then pull back the layers to examine the middle carbon layer for dust. Flick the carbon layer and watch as the dust comes out into the air.
• The major difference between the Dynamic Electronic Air Filter is Magnetism! The voltage creates a polarization of + and – charges on the fibers and the carbon causing the charged air particles to attract to the charged fibers/carbon. This is the only way to effectively capture the sub micron (invisible) particles. All of the bacteria and viruses and a vast majority of unhealthy pollutants are in this invisible realm.
How to Increase Efficiency of Your Dynamic Air Filter
1. Run the furnace blower 24/7 or as much as you can. Go to the “Fan On” position at your thermostat settings. The more air that goes through it will increase the efficiency of the Dynamic or any other filter for that matter.
2. Change the pad every 3 months unless you are not running the furnace.
3. Remove excess clutter from around the unit: i.e. cardboard, animal dander, etc. Open your windows only when necessary. Be aware of high air pollution days.
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