Why do I need to service my A/C or Furnace when it is running fine?

Simply because there is cool air or warm air blowing from your house air ducts does not mean you’re getting all the cooling or heating that you are paying for.
Proper maintenance will ensure that your systems run smoothly and should catch in small problems before they become major problems leading to considerable repair costs.
* A dirty air filter, Improper refrigerant charge and air flow are the biggest culprits. Too much or too little refrigerant can cause your air conditioner to overwork. The same is true if the air flow across the inside coil is low, the coil may need to be cleaned.
* The air conditioner unit outside (condenser) does not have a filter in it. The only filter you change is the same filter that is inside in the furnace or air handler. It’s the same filter that you change in winter. The disposable cheaper filters last approximately 1-2 months. 3M filters last approximately 2-3 months. Non disposable washable filters need to be cleaned or washed every month.
* It’s also not a good idea to run your system without filters as it will cause your evaporator coil or your furnace/air handler to plug up restricting air flow and cause icing on you’re a/c system
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