Washer and dryer relocation

QUESTION: How expensive and difficult is it to move a washer and dryer to the other side of a wall, i.e. the common wall between the house and the garage? I would like to move the appliances into the garage to exactly the same spot on the other side of the wall. Do I need a plumber or an electrician or both?

Joyce Bisbee, via email

ANSWER: “The project you describe requires plumbing, electrical, drywall and painting skills,” says Vince McDonald of McDonald Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning in Sacramento. “You may be able to find one contractor who can perform all of the functions or you can hire your own subcontractors. The most complicated portion, I would anticipate, is the plumbing,” he says. “The code has certain requirements when installing a washer in the garage, and a licensed plumbing contractor would know what is needed.”
McDonald says “It would be difficult to give you an accurate cost to perform the project without seeing it. The contractor might have to open up the wall to confirm the configuration of the plumbing and electrical. If everything was properly installed originally, your project will be easier and less costly. Don’t forget that a building permit is required on a project like this,” he says. “A building permit is one component that assures that the job was performed according to code.”

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