Toilet, toilet seal, leaks

QUESTION: About two years ago, I discovered that the toilet in my main bathroom was leaking. In January 2003 I removed the toilet and found that the leaking seal had ruined the particle board. I removed all the damaged board and hired a contractor to replace the flooring with marine plywood. New vinyl flooring and a new toilet seal were installed. Six months later an annual termite inspection revealed that the toilet seal was seeping. The contractor returned to replace the double toilet seal. The termite inspection in May 2004 revealed again that the toilet seal was seeping. I hired a different contractor to replace the seal but upon periodic inspecting, I find there is some moisture. That’s three toilet seals in a year and a half. What can be done?
Albert Gonzalez, Roseville
ANSWER: “Replacing leaking toilet seals is a common task,” says Vince McDonald, owner of McDonald Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning in Sacramento. “The likelihood that all of the technicians failed to perform the task properly is somewhat remote, especially if the workers were journeymen plumbers. If the plumbing drain is in good condition and properly installed, yet the toilet continues to leak after it has been reset several times, the likelihood is that the toilet is bad,” McDonald says, and he recommends replacing it.

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