Toilet, blue streaks

QUESTION: I have an expensive commode with a pull knob on top and very low water flush. The back part of the commode has blue steaks that we have been unable to remove. What could be causing them?
C. Sanders, Volcano
ANSWER: “The blue streaks are more than likely due to the tank seal permitting a small trickle of water to leak past it into the bowl,” says Vince McDonald of McDonald Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning in Sacramento. “We rarely see your problem under normal operation when the toilet is flushed,” he says. “Another problem that a constantly leaking tank seal can cause is a failure in the wax seal at the floor,” McDonald warns. “Your toilet has a wax seal under the toilet bowl that connects it to the drainage system. If you want to change the seal and are unsure or unable to do so, I suggest that you hire a licensed plumbing firm to take care of it. This is one maintenance problem you can’t afford to put off,” McDonald says.

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