Septic system, odor, shower drain, new home warranty, Contractors State License Board

QUESTION: I have an engineered septic system. There is an awful odor coming from my shower drain. It smells like mold or mildew. This only occurs in the summer when the weather gets hot. This is the only place we notice this smell. Our house was built four years ago. What could it be?
Jacqueline Peters, via email
ANSWER: “The septic system shouldn’t have anything to do with this problem, according to Vince McDonald of McDonald Plumbing Heating and Air Conditioning in Sacramento. “More than likely you have a water leak in the shower drain, pan or enclosure,” he says, “an unusual situation in a home that is only four years old. I suggest that you call your plumber and/or the original builder (don’t let them tell you it is out of warranty). When in doubt on the issue of the warranty, call the State Contractors License Board (800-321-2752) for clarification,” McDonald says.

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