McDonald Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Announces Availability of New Eternal Advanced Hybrid Water Heating System

Sacramento Plumbing and HVAC Company now distributing, installing, and serving the cutting edge hybrid water heater

McDonald Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning, a plumbing institution in Sacramento for over 56 years, is proud to announce they are now distributing the Eternal Hybrid, a leading edge water heating system that combines the best of tank and tankless technologies to give consumers one solution to meet all their hot water needs without restrictions.

“Reducing water and energy costs are issues everyone is facing” said Mr. Vince McDonald, President of McDonald Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning. “The Eternal Hybrid is an innovative system that combines performance, high efficiency, durability, and safety in a single solution that meets the need for endless hot water without limiting the number of simultaneous fixtures.”

The Eternal Hybrid works on the Counter Flow Principle, which avoids the shortcoming of a traditional tank water heater, which is engineered to lose heat, and the shortcomings of a tankless water heater which is engineered to lose pressure. It’s unique counter flow design enables cold water to enter from the bottom up while heat is pushed through multiple radiating transfer pipes. Pushing heat through the water in three directions maximizes energy transfer, and simultaneously slows the exhaust of heat instead of reducing water pressure.

There are several benefits to the Eternal Hybrid, including:

  • Performance– No start up lag, cold water sandwich, or pressure drop
  • High Efficiency—98% thermal efficiency which lowers utility bills and maintenance costs
  • Durability—the unit comes with a 20 year residential and 10 year commercial no leak warranty
  • Safety—multiple redundant safety features and super low carbon monoxide emissions
  • The only gas hybrid water heater listed with Energy Star


The Eternal Hybrid water heater system is available for both residential and commercial use. Its stainless steel construction makes it well suited for food service, hotel, and business applications. The Eternal can be installed either inside or outside, and mounted on a wall or be floor standing. And it works with a recirculation line or with geothermal and solar applications.


To learn more about the Eternal Hybrid water heating system and whether it is right for you, contact McDonald Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning at (916) 233-4194 or visit our website at

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