How to Avoid Heater Repair This Winter


The Secret’s Out: How to Avoid Heater

Repair This Winter

Sacramento, California, – Vince McDonald of McDonald Plumbing, Heating and Air is one heating and air conditioning contractor willing to tell the secrets of his trade. “We see a lot of urgent repair calls during the coldest days of winter that didn’t have to happen,” Vince said.

“The homeowner will find himself in a situation where he’s without heat, or he has to leave work at an inconvenient time to meet us at the home, or he’s concerned about the unexpected repair bill,” <Vince> said. “This is not fun for anyone, so we’re glad to help. But the truth is, a lot of folks could avoid this situation if they had only called us a couple of months earlier for preseason maintenance.”

Yes, the secret’s out: maintaining your heating equipment year after year lengthens the equipment life, improves energy efficiency and comes with an all-important safety check to make sure harmful gases aren’t leaking into your home.

“Annual maintenance is by far a better way to make sure your heating equipment keeps running efficiently than waiting until it’s broken and calling for a repair,” said <Vince>. “There are a lot of things that can make a situation like that urgent – such as really cold temps in <Sacramento>. At the very least, you’re going to be facing a big inconvenience and an unwelcome expense.”

In fact, annual maintenance on your heating and cooling system is one of the recommendations that the Environmental Protection Agency offers for improving energy efficiency. As the EPA notes, heating and cooling costs are typically the largest energy expense for most households.

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