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Heating & Air Conditioning Tips from Vince

QUESTION: My house is 3,000 square feet. All but a guest room and bathroom are on the main floor. When we set the air conditioning at 78 degrees on a hot day, it does not cool the house and will only cool to 82 degrees downstairs and will be 90-plus degrees upstairs. We have a dual-control Lennox SEER-rated 12.45 air conditioner but only one compressor. Would a second compressor help pull the hot air out? If that is not feasible, what would you suggest to at least cool the upstairs (other than a window unit)? C. Ogden, via email Read More

Plumbing Tips and Advice from McDonald Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning

QUESTION: My husband and I bought a 20-plus-year-old condominium that is all electric. We inherited a standard electric 50-gallon hot water tank that is over 10 years old and seems to be failing. We have done some research on replacement hot water tanks and systems, with an eye toward longevity, as well as the primary goal of generous amounts of ready hot water at a reasonable cost. We are seriously thinking about putting in a tankless hot water system. We are told by the manufacturer that it will afford us instant and endless hot water at an economical price, we will gain an extra closet where the old tank was, and that this is the equipment of the future. Read More

Heating & Air Conditioning Tips from Vince

QUESTION: My home is a two-story, about 15 years old. I recently had to have a thermostat replaced. After the repairman was in the attic, he told me he noticed my ducting was beginning to deteriorate because of sunlight shining on it through the roof air vents. I asked for an estimate and he called yesterday to say it would cost $1,150. No written estimate was provided. Shouldn’t he provide a written proposal? Am I being overly cautious? Read More

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