Ask Vince #6 Sewer replacement, trenchless, TV camera, landscaping

Sewer replacement, trenchless, TV camera, landscaping

QUESTION: We have repeatedly had sewer problems in our home in the midtown area. I called a plumber who said that I probably need a sewer replacement. He said that there could be a break or roots affecting the sewer. My landscaping includes a new brick patio and well-established trees, shrubs and lawn. How can I be sure that I need a new sewer? Is there any way to avoid ruining my landscaping?

ANSWER: “You can be grateful for new technology,” according to Vince McDonald of McDonald Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. “Your sewer line can be inspected using a TV camera that will take the guesswork out of the decision to replace the sewer line. It will show any breakage or blockages. It will also show exactly where the problem is – which can minimize the cost of a sewer line replacement.”

“If you need to replace the sewer, the good news is that trenchless sewer replacement is available from some contractors. It is a much less intrusive method than the old way of digging up the complete line. The Trenchless Pipe method uses the existing damaged sewer line as a guide for the new pipe. A cone-shaped, path-clearing installation head pulls new, full-sized replacement pipe right through the old one. At last, a better, quicker, and far less costly way to upgrade your sewer line! You can preserve your landscaping and get a new sewer line installed underground.”

More Information on Plumbing Technology that Can Save You Time and Money on Your Sacramento Home or Office

Plumbing and sewer maintenance companies can use cameras to inspect your sewer pipe, water mains, drain lines, and water wells.

Using these camera systems, a video picture is transmitted to a control module, where a VCR records a permanent record. The cameras can fit into ducts as small as 1.5 inches in diameter.

Video inspection insures there are no breaks, defective pipe, or “ponds” in the line, which could cause maintenance problems later. A small transmitter can pinpoint from above exactly where the camera is so that instead of digging randomly, there can be precision excavation exactly where the problem is, saving a lot of money, time, and mess.

Also, cameras allow cleaning services to focus cleaning energy on the section of pipe that is plugged up. The video tape record also gives homeowners proof of a problem if they need it in the near future (for insurance claims, or so on).

For video inspection of your water or sewer lines, call McDonald Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning today.

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Since 1957 McDonald Plumbing, Heating Air Conditioning has been providing plumbing services using the latest technology, including TV camera sewer line inspections, to Sacramento residents and businesses. We also serve Sacramento and the surrounding communities with a full line of plumbing, heating and air conditioning repairs such as tankless and regular water heater installation and repair, air conditioning installation and repair, home energy audits, home comfort systems, sewer and drain cleaning, sewer and water line repair and repair of slab leaks.

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