KitecBrand PEX Piping Class Action Lawsuit

KitecBrand PEX Piping Class Action Lawsuit

Problems with Kitecbrand PEX Piping led to a class action lawsuit in 2011 that resulted in a Settlement Fund. If you suspect there’s faulty Kitec PEX in your home or business, call a licensed plumber immediately to schedule a full inspection, repair or replacement of the damaged parts.

What is PEX?

PEX Piping is a highly versatile and inexpensive plastic piping first introduced to the U.S. market around 1980. Kitec PEX Piping was manufactured from 1995 until 2007. Due to being inexpensive and easy to use, PEX has remained a popular alternative to other pipe materials.

PEX Piping offers several advantages:

  • Fast installation and reconfiguration
  • Resistance to scale and chlorine
  • Installs without flames
  • Won’t corrode or develop pits due to acidic water
  • Can turn 90 degrees without fittings or joints

The KitecPEX Class Action Lawsuit

In 2011, a class action lawsuit alleged that Kitecbrand PEX materials, manufactured by IPEX, Inc., among otherIPEX products, “may be subject to premature failure and otherwise may not perform in accordance with the reasonable expectations of users.”

Theclaim cites both partsfailures and the high zinc levels in Kitec PEX fittings, which could lead to weakening and corrosion. The lawsuit identifies PEX pipes with solid walls and pipes with aluminum sandwiched between the inner and outer walls (to protect the interior from corrosive oxygen).

IPEX and their insurance company settled the lawsuit by creating a $125 million Settlement Fund to pay for repairs to residences and other structures plumbed with Kitec PEX. (You must submit a claim by January 9, 2020 to be eligible for money from the Settlement Fund.)

Whether or not you’ve seen damage to your Kitec PEX, you should file a claim and have a licensed local plumber inspect your plumbing thoroughly. They’ll be qualified to identify and replace faulty Kitec PEX pipes and fittings.

How to Identify Kitec PEX

While you’ll want to contact a licensed plumber for reliableidentification and replacement, you might be able to identify Kitec PEX. The PEX nearest the boiler or hot water tank would likely show problem signs first. Also check the electrical panel for a notice stating that Kitec was used. The pipes under bathroom and kitchen sinks are also good places to check. Most often they’re color-coded (blue for cold, orange for hot, as well as white, black and grey).

How to Identify Signs of Kitec PEX Problems

Look for these signs as indicators of problems with Kitec PEX:

  • Corrosion on the fittings — it will look like white residue
  • Blisters, bulging or black spots on pipes
  • Water discoloration
  • Drops in water pressure or flow
  • Terms printed on the fittings, such as Kitec, KTC, CSA B137.9/10 and ATSM F1974
  • Water leaks
  • Clogs
  • Brand names including PlumbBetter, IPEX Aqua, Kitec XPA, AmbioComfort, Plomberie Améliorée, XPA, KERR Controls and WarmRite

For more information about Kitec PEX, as well as full inspections and replacements, call a licensed plumber at Sacramento’s McDonald Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. They’re familiar with the issue and qualified to provide reliable service.

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