Why Is A Home Performance Audit Important?

Why Is A Home Performance Audit Important?

Home performance energy audits are an essential investment in your home and your budget. Discovering your home’s energy inefficiencies will give you the knowledge to save money, improve your health and comfort and help the environment.

What’s in a Home Performance Audit?

Energy audit’sare thorough, professional reviews of your home energy consumption.

Auditors use several tools to determine your energy-use patterns, sources of loss and opportunities for improvement.

Those can include infrared cameras, blower doors, surface thermometers, PFT air-infiltration measurements, and eveneveryday items like soap bubbles and screwdrivers.

Your home performance technician will recommend upgrades based on their findings. The audit will assess your home’s overall energy performance by analyzing several factors:

  • Heating & Cooling Performance.Your heating and air conditioning system regulates the temperature in your home. You want it to operate at maximum efficiency, without leaks or infiltration that demand extra energy. Your technician will assess its performance based on the audit and the system’s recommended performance.
  • Energy Consumption. Your auditor will analyze your most recent year’s fuel bills. That will help them understand your base energy consumption. And it will help you understand the financial benefits of your energy audit.
  • Homeowner Interview. Small changes to the way you consume energy can have a big impact on your budget and health. Your auditor will help you identify those easy improvements.
  • Insulation.Properly installed insulation is essential to your home’s energy efficiency. Your auditor will inspect your insulation’s quality and performance.
  • Carbon Monoxide Measurements. Household gas appliances can produce “CO” as a byproduct of combustion. Your inspector will determine the level, if any, of CO in your home.
  • All of those appliances require energy. Your inspector will analyze the combined energy they consume. Based on the findings, they’ll recommend changes to reduce overall energy use.
  • Renewable Energy Opportunities. When solar and wind energy are options for you, your inspector will explain the benefits and costs. When appropriate, they’ll recommend opportunities to incorporate those alternative energy sources.
  • Hot Water Heater. Simply updating your hot water heater can sometimes significantly improve energy efficiency. Old hot water heaters, and those that are too small for the home, consume too much energy.

Why is a Home Performance Audit beneficial?

Home performance audits are beneficial for several reasons. Most important to homeowners is that they can save you money, make your home more healthy and comfortable and help the environment.

You can ensure your home operates at peak efficiency, your indoor air quality is healthy and that you have a smaller carbon footprint. And that can all result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in savings for you.

There are many Home Performance Energy Audit rebates available.

Talk with your city government or utility company about rebates. Many times, a home performance audit makes you eligible for additional savings in the form of rebates or financing.

To learn more about how you can save money with an energy audit, please contact us today.

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