7 Benefits of Seasonal Furnace Maintenance

With winter season comes low temperatures.  That means high demands on heaters and furnaces.  Regular maintenance is the easiest way to prevent inconvenient and costly heater repairs and replacements.

Furnace RepairThe last thing you want is a broken heater in the middle of a snowy winter night.  By scheduling a maintenance call early, you can ensure that never happens to you.  Regular tune-ups of your furnace or heater are essential to staying comfortable all winter.

A tune-up typically includes cleaning flame sensors, checking burners, and performing a carbon monoxide test among other preventative measures.  Here are 7 great reasons to schedule your furnace and heater tune up today:

  1. Protect your heater manufacturer’s warranty. Many manufacturer warranties require regular maintenance to remain valid.  By scheduling regular furnace or heater tune-ups, you’ll keep your warranty intact for its full term.  That will protect your major investment and save you money on future repairs.
  1. Reduce winter heater repairs. The best time for maintenance and repairs is before winter gets really cold.  After that, calls for repair jobs rise dramatically — and response times can increase.  Some heating companies even add surcharges to their winter repair jobs.  Homes that didn’t get small problems addressed early face bigger problems after it’s cold.  If you schedule your furnace or heater tune-ups before the winter rush, you’ll save time and money and keep your family warm all season.
  1. Improve your heater’s energy performance. A furnace tune-up will include a full inspection as well as internal and external cleaning.  A professional will look at the body and all the elements, such as the heat exchanger, gaskets and control board.  With every piece cleaned, and performing optimally, your furnace will heat your home efficiently.  The more efficient your heater is, the less energy it consumes and the more money you save.
  1. Gas FurnaceEnsure correct airflow. Airflow’s essential to a functioning furnace.  A qualified heating system technician will perform a thorough airflow check.  Any blocks to your furnace’s airflow could reduce air quality.  It could also place unnecessary strain on the heating system.  By correcting any airflow problems they’ll extend the system’s life and help you avoid costly winter repairs.
  1. Stay safe and healthy. Carbon monoxide poisoning and gas leaks are two serious risks with furnaces.  But they’re easily prevented with seasonal maintenance.  Technicians will repair any small leaks and correct system malfunctions that pose risks.
  1. Extend your furnace’s life. Minor maintenance adjustments to your heating system can save you thousands in the long run.  By keeping it clean and properly calibrated it will serve you well for years.  Maintenance today is preferable to replacing your entire heating system, especially in the middle of winter.

Furnace maintenance is obviously important.  The risks of skipping it are avoidable.  Those risks include higher energy bills, potentially longer wait times for repairs, more expensive repairs, compromised indoor air quality and the risk of replacing the whole unit because of minor problems that were ignored.

Follow your pre-winter tune-up with a maintenance inspection in the spring.  Your furnace or heater will have worked overtime during winter to keep you comfortable.  Keep it in top shape with a quick post-season visit.

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