Enjoy the Benefits of an Air Conditioning Tune-Up Toda

Benefits of Air Conditioning Tune-Up

With summer approaching, now is the time for your annual air conditioning tune-up.  A quick visit now will ensure that you enjoy the savings and comfort of an efficient cooling system all summer long.

American Standard Air Conditioning UnitYour air conditioner’s a complex system with a lot of moving parts and electrical components.  To keep it operating smoothly,it needs to be cleaned, fine-tuned and tested at least once every year.

This routine maintenance will keep your utility bills low and extend the life of your air conditioning unit.  It will also catch minor problems before they become serious and expensive problems that interrupt your summer comfort.

Add a McDonald Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Solar checkup to your spring-cleaning list and make sure you’re ready for the summer heat.

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Call us now, while the weather’s still cool, to secure your appointment.  As we get closer to summer, wait times for maintenance visits often increase.

The5Best Benefits of an Air Conditioner Tune-up:

  1. Lower Your Utility Bills and Improve Energy Efficiency.
    Pollutants in your cooling system will block airflow, which makes it work harder to cool your home. An air conditioner free of pollutants runs at peak efficiency and consumes less energy. That means lower utility bills for you—by up to 30%! Call us today for your annual air conditioner tune-up and enjoy lower operating costs.
  1. Avoid Expensive Air Conditioner Problems This Summer.
    You want to be sure going into summer that your air conditioner’s running smoothly. A small malfunction now can turn into a big problem later that will be not only inconvenient but also expensive. Schedule a tune-up now with a certified specialist to enjoy hassle-free, inexpensive cooling all summer.
  1. Improve Your Comfort Level at Home.
    Keep yourself and your family comfortable this summer by taking care of your air conditioner now. Inefficiencies and malfunctions can limit your air conditioner’s performance today and in the middle of a heat wave. A quick call to McDonald Plumbing, Heating, Air, & Solar today will guarantee your family’s comfort.
  1. Extend Your Air Conditioner’s Life.
    Just like your car, caring for your air conditioner with regular maintenance keeps it running longer and more efficiently. This annual air conditioner tune-up can add years to the life of your cooling unit. A small investment now will save you money, increasing the unit’s value, and keep you comfortable much longer.
  1. Improve Your Health. Air conditioners can harbor microbial growth in the evaporator coils.  And dirty air filters can contribute to polluted indoor air.  A quick tune-up will solve these problems—or stop them before they start—and ensure your family enjoys healthy air.

What to Expect During Your Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Your cooling specialist will perform a series of steps to ensure your cooling system’s running at peak efficiency.

These include an initial visual inspection of the system for signs of corrosion, rust, standing water and indications of overheating.  Next, they’ll test the electronic control system and components—switches, capacitors, relays, circuit boards, and wiring.  Then they’ll inspect the cooling components, like the evaporator coil and condensation line.  Finally, your specialist will ensure your system’s overall functionality, like checking the coolant level, compressor and run system, and the safety systems.

Schedule your air conditioning tune-up today and guarantee your savings and comfort all year.

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