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McDonald Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning is Sacramento’s full-service plumbing provider. We’ve built our reputation since 1957 as Sacramento’s leading company for plumbing repairs, repiping and newpiping for residential and commercial customers. With over 50 years professional experience we know what works. When you call McDonald Plumbing you get superior service and only the most reliable materials every time. That includes specialized solutions like PEX Piping.


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McDonald Plumbing Saves You Time and Money WithPEX Piping

PEX (crosslinked polyethylene)is a plumbing pipe option that was introduced into the U.S. around 1980. The benefits of PEX Piping to Sacramento residents and businesses have seen its use increase as a replacement for copper and other materials. PEX is composed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) polymer and has many advantages over both plastic pipe, (like PVC) and metal pipe (like copper and iron). Its numerousadvantages include:

  • Resists scale and chlorine
  • Conserves heat better than copper
  • Less expensive than copper piping
  • Combines easily with other materials
  • Installs quickly, saving time and money
  • Resists freezing better than alternatives
  • Safer because it doesn’t require flame to install
  • Adjusts easily for new plumbing configurations
  • Color coded to indicate hot and cold water lines
  • Does not corrode or develop pits due to acidic water
  • Immediate confirmation that connections are secure
  • Water flows without the knocking sounds common to copper piping
  • Few fittings and connections — it can turn 90 degrees without joints

With the proper expertise, PEX Piping can save significant time and money during installation, repair and maintenance. PEX Piping is also an excellent option when you need to replace old pipes in your Sacramento home or business.McDonald Plumbing’s home and commercial plumbing experts have the training and experience in PEX Piping to deliver reliable service every time. We’re here to help you day and night with friendly service that’s always guaranteed.


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he Sacramento Plumber You Can Trust for PEX Piping Repair & InstallationCall (916) 233-4194

Sacramento PEX Piping Expertise for Residential & Commercial Customers

Your home or commercial space is in good hands with Sacramento’s McDonald Plumbing. Our extensive experience with new construction, repairs, and remodels puts affordable solutions like PEX Pipingjust a phone call away. We respond quickly and guarantee every job will be done right the first time.

PEX Piping is ideal for all project sizes. It’s uniquely suited for small jobs like replacing old kitchen or bath pipes because it combines easily with other pipe materials like copper and can be cut and installed quickly. It’s also well suited to extensive plumbing installations because it transports easily, can be prepped for installation fast, and long stretches can be installed fast without joints or fittings.

McDonald Plumbing is known for using only high-quality brands — PEX Piping product names like RAUPEX, Vanex, Pexcel, AlumiPex, and FostaPex among others. Your McDonald Plumbing professional will match the most efficient plumbing solution with the best brand for each job based on their thorough assessment of your plumbing needs.

McDonald Plumbing Guarantees Reliable Plumbing Service Every DayThroughout Sacramento

McDonald Plumbing has served Sacramento since 1957. Our commitment to exceptional service, ongoing training, and years of experience mean you receive the best plumbing solutions possible — and at the best prices. When you want to upgrade your home or commercial plumbing system to PEX Piping, or need repairs, call Sacramento’s family-owned McDonald Plumbing.



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