My toilet rocks when I sit on it.

If your toilet rocks when you sit on it then you have a problem. What causes your toilet to rock could be a couple of different things:

The Wax Ring – is a yellowish beeswax ring that sits between the bottom of your toilet bowl and the floor. This ring is also called a flange. It is donut shaped and about one inch thick. The ring is used to create a seal between the bottom of the toilet and the floor.

Unlevel floor – Toilets are held together with bolts affixed to the ring in the toilet bottom. If the floor around the toilet isn’t level, then it can cause your toilet to rock back and forth when weight is applied.

Sometimes a certified plumber will add plastic shims to level out the floor. However, sometimes you just need to

Toilets are held in place by bolts affixed to the flange in the toilet floor. If the floor around the flange isn’t level, this can cause the toilet to rock back and forth whenever weight is placed on it. The best way to fix a toilet that rocks is by leveling it with plastic shims.

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