My Home was Built in 1982 I know that I need a new HVAC but do I need new ducts? Or if I wait to do the ducts will that affect my new HVAC?

Properly installed ductwork is critical to your home comfort and I have often heard them referred to as the “lungs” of the home. Ductwork is typically located in your attic, under your house or hidden behind the sheetrock walls. It is vitally important to your home heating and air conditioning system because the duct work is the “lungs” for your comfort system. It delivers air in and out of your system. The return ducts bring room temperature air into the system and the supply ducts deliver cool or warm air into each room. Any break, tear, kink, or leak robs you of not only money but robs your home of comfort and from healthy indoor air as well.

Looking at New Ducts
Having new ductwork installed to replace your old inefficient ducting can do as much or more to benefit your home as having insulation blown in or upgrading your windows. Having properly functioning ducts are so important. Equally important is that your new ducts be installed properly for the correct airflow and correct system performance.

Considering Upgrading
If you are considering having a new system installed, consider also having the old ductwork replaced. After all, why have a 2012 super high efficiency system installed and keep the old ductwork from 1982? For example, if you have the engine rebuilt in your favorite car, you certainly wouldn’t reuse the old oil pump, would you? Probably not. The results would definitely be inefficient and could be disastrous.

Older Homes
Most homes built from the early 1990’s on back have inefficient ductwork. Especially, homes dating from the 70’s on back. In those days energy was cheap. But we have grown to realize our resources these days are precious and so are our energy dollars. We want them to stretch as far as possible. We see home improvement shows on television showing us how to caulk windows, doors, and electrical outlets. But the air conditioning and heating system is the homes largest energy user – at about 65% of our utilities. Yet, we don’t see anyone telling us to seal our ductwork or have it replaced. Also, most homes have enough air leaking out of their old ducts to feed a full sized bedroom. That’s your money leaking into the attic or under a crawl space.

What to do
If you are having your system replaced, get a proposal for upgrading the ductwork as well. The results, when properly performed, will mean a cooler, cleaner, healthier and more efficient home environment. At McDonalds Plumbing, Heating and Air we specialize in properly sizing ducts to maximum your system performance.

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