Mineral deposits, magnets

QUESTION: I live in Placer County. I have a well with lots of minerals in the water. I am putting in a new bathroom sink, onyx countertop and toilet. How can I care for this and keep off the ugly mineral deposits. I would like a daily or weekly routine to keep it looking new.
R. Norman, Loomis
ANSWER “Magnets are one product on the market that some people believe work great. These are special, very strong magnets that are placed on the pipes where the water enters the house and at the water heater. We installed them several years ago and 90% of the customers reported substantial improvement in hard water problems. The magnets change the way the minerals in the water act. Normally minerals in the water come out and adhere to faucets, countertop, etc. The magnets keep the minerals in suspension and instead of adhering the minerals can be simply be wiped off the surface when the water dries up. I quit selling the magnets because it was just to time consuming educating the customers on how they work. Also, there was too much of a “hocus pocus” factor.

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