How to Clean an Electronic Air Filter

First turn off the power to the Electronic Air Cleaner and make sure the power is off. Wait 30 seconds, than remove the access door. Pull out the cells and pre-filters. Then replace the access door while cleaning. If the cells and pre-filters are dirty, they are now ready to be cleaned.

Using the dishwasher: The only recommended washing methods for Electronic Air Filters are with soaps that are safe for use on aluminum, such as automatic dishwasher detergents. Do not use Coil Cleaners or Contact Cleaners. When placing the filter in a dishwasher, set four glasses upside-down to rest the filter on top of. This will protect the filter from the dishwasher spikes that may break ionizing wires, and bend collector plates. You can place the pre-filters in the dishwasher as well. Never allow the filter to go through the drying cycle. This will “bake on” any materials that were not removed during the wash cycle. Be careful when removing the filter after washing. The filter may be hot, and sharp edges may cause cuts. After washing the filter, take a clean cloth and gently wipe down the ionizing wires. Establish a regular schedule for washing your filter.

Using a garden hose: You can always set the filter outside and wash them off with a garden hose. Use good pressure but be careful not to bend the collector plates. If they are very dirty, you can spray them with any household detergent and let soak for a minute. Then spray off.

After Cleaning: Let the filter air-dry. Try not to re-install until it is completely dry. Make sure the collector plates didn’t bend during the cleaning process. Then re-insert pre-filters and filter into the unit, close cover and turn on power supply.

* Make sure the thermostat is set to off. Pull out the filter and take outside. Use a broom or brush to get the excess dust off the surface. Then spray the filter with simple green or any household cleaner. After spraying with the cleaner let the filter set for 5 minutes than spray off with water. Make sure to wash the filter from the inside out, as not to push any dirt back through the filter, but knock it off from the opposite side. (The inside of the filter will be the dirtiest as it is the side that initially catches the dust.) After the filter is cleaned, tilt it up on a corner against a surface and let it air dry. Be sure it is completely dry before reinstalling it. Now turn your thermostat to the on position and your system is ready to use.

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