Freon – Locking Safety Caps

Keep Your Refrigerant Under Control
Refrigerant locking safety caps were created for the service valve on all air conditioning and mini split units after there was evidence of refrigerant theft by teenagers. Teens incurred injury many times which resulted in brain damage and even death after inhaling or “huffing” of the refrigerant. These locking caps help prevent tampering or access by unauthorized personnel. The locking caps are precisely machined from high-grade brass encompassed within a protective refrigerant color-coded aluminum casing.
They are corrosion resistant and have an o-ring seal to provide a positive back-up for leaking service valves. These caps are secured on to a unit with a special key sold only to certified HVAC technicians and provide a tamper resistant barrier to reduce theft, vandalism, and the accidental mixing of refrigerant.
I have included some short video from some of our local news stations.
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