Eco-Friendly Plumbing & Home Performance (Part 2)

Making a decision for eco-friendly plumbing project provides multiple benefits.  Choosing for environmentally friendly plumbing gives savings on money, offers high level of performance and guarantees reduction on energy and water wastes. There’s no better opportunity to be eco-friendly than today—when you need to replace or fix your plumbing at home.

Once you’ve looked at your plumbing’s eco profile, you can highlight the updates that will make it more effective and ecologically friendly. Some of the common updates would include the following:

  • Replacing old, inefficient water pipes.
  • Choosing an on-demand hot water recirculation pump.
  • Installing faucets and low-flow showerheads that conserve water.
  • Using water-saving toilets.
  • Opting for a shower instead of a bathtub.
  • Installing a tankless or solar water heater.
  • Insulating current pipes to minimize heat loss.
  • Removing plumbing from outside walls and areas where it’s susceptible to heat loss.

Updates on Eco-Friendly Home Performance  

Technologies designed to increase the efficiency of your home’s comfort system can also help you create a healthier, greener environment and save money. Installing an energy-efficient heating and cooling system is a good first step, but it’s important that you choose powerful performance controls too. The right thermostat can improve efficiency, comfort and air quality.

Another great way to improve the performance of your home’s comfort system is to choose a whole-house fan. These fans help to move hot air and odors out of your home. They provide excellent ventilation and can decrease reliance on your HVAC system during the summer.

Of course, making the switch to eco-friendly plumbing and home performance systems does more than just reduce your bills and protect the environment. It also keeps your family safe and comfortable. Using the latest performance and plumbing technologies ensures that you have clean water and air, and that you can stay comfortable without breaking your budget too. At McDonald Plumbing, Heating and Air, we think that simply makes sense. If you want to talk about the eco-friendly potential of your home, contact us today.

Certainly, switching to eco-friendly plumbing and home performance systems will not only lower your household bills, but will safely protect the surrounding nature as well.  Furthermore, it also keeps your family secured and in great comfort. With the advanced performance and plumbing technologies, they guarantee to supply clean air and water.  You can stay more comfortable without spending too much. At McDonald Plumbing, Heating and Air, we think how these things really make sense. If you feel more interested about the eco-friendly approach for your home, get in touch with us today.

Green plumbing is amazingly simple to accomplish. If you’re interested in setting up an eco-friendly plumbing system, you just need to understand possible options. When fixing or replacing toilets, faucets and water system, you may want to aim at reducing the power and water you normally use and waste.

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