Common Solar Power Questions (Part 2)

The average household can save more than $1,000 annually on electricity.  This is accomplished by installing solar panels on the top of their roof. Today, the best way to go solar is by leasing solar panels which simply means that you’ll be paying less while getting benefits from your energy.

Here’s the continuation of the common solar power questions we’ve discussed with you before.

Cost & Incentive Questions

Do solar systems really pay for themselves?
Many consumers have heard that solar energy pays for itself over time. In a sense, this is true. If you pay cash for a solar system, you’ll realize an internal rate of return (IRR) of 8 to 10 percent over 20 years. If you finance a system, you’ll realize an immediate cash-neutral or cash-positive return.

Can solar increase the value of my home?
Yes, in many cases solar energy systems contribute to increased home values.

What is a solar renewable energy credit (SREC)?
One SREC is created for every megawatt hour of electricity that a solar array produces. Utility companies generally buy SRECs from consumers with solar arrays to meet state-mandated renewable energy goals.

Are there other incentives for installing solar?
A 30-percent federal investment tax credit (ITC) for solar is available until December 31, 2016. County and state agencies in and around Sacramento also offer rebates and incentives to homeowners who install solar.

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