Choosing The Right Toilet

Did you know that toilets use up to 30% of household water in the United States? That’s enough to consider the type of toilet you use and the amount of water it will consume. Luckily there are more options than ever before that can save you money.

You have an important decision to make given the numerous types and features available with different installation options.

Factors like gravity-feed versus pressure-assisted, water-flow and flushing options, water conservation features, and price will all help you determine which toilet will be your best investment.

Here’s a quick guide to many of the most important factors to help you decide which toilet to buy.  Your community plumbing experts at McDonald Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning can answer any question you have and help with selection and installation.

The Right Toilet Type for You

A smart first decision is between gravity-feed and pressure-assisted toilets.  Most toilets fit into one of these two types (with most being gravity-feed).

  • Gravity-feed toilets depend on gravity to remove waste from the bowl—and are either siphonic (siphoning water through the “s” shaped trap way) or washdown (sending water out around the rim into the bowl). Benefits include low noise compared with pressure-assisted toilets and the typically low water pressure required.
  • Pressure-assisted toilets rely on air pressure in a sealed tank to force waste out of the bowl. The biggest benefit of these is fewer clogged drains—but remember, your home will need water pressure that’s a minimum of 25 pounds per square inch.  They also tend to be louder and more expensive than gravity-assisted types.
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