Budget Friendly Toilet Options

Toilet Features That Are Affordable and Work Great

  • Dual-Flush technology puts water-saving options at your fingertips: one button for a partial flush (approximately 0.8 gallons) and another for a full flush (approximately 1.6 gallons). Some high-efficiency toilets combine Dual-Flush with Water Sense Certification to enhance your water saving.
  • Water Sense Certified toilets use 1.28 gallons per flush or less. (Most toilets use 1.6 gallons per flush.)  Higher-quality models with Water Sense will perform just as well as conventional toilets.  (Toilets sold in California are required to meet the 1.28-gallon standard.)
  • Touch less flushing allows users to swipe their hand over a sensor to flush instead of pressing a handle. This could be useful for someone with limited mobility, or in environments where germs pose a high risk.
  • Concealed or skirted trap ways cover the “s” shaped bends you see on the underside of some toilets. This makes cleaning much easier and gives toilets a cleaner, simpler appearance.
  • One-piece, two-piece, or wall-mounted?Most toilets today are two-piece models, meaning the tank and bowl are separate pieces bolted together. While these are the least expensive option, they’re harder to clean, and less streamlined, than one-piece models.  Wall-mounted models are the most expensive, and least common (and fit well in small bathrooms).

Toilet Prices That Fit Your Budget

While there’s a wide range of prices for toilets, $150 is a good average to keep in mind.  Yours could cost less or more depending on your priorities—like your budget, features you want, and design considerations.

Make the right investment by calling a qualified professional plumber to help you decide among these and other factors like height, bowl shape, rough-in size, and water supply lines.

For help choosing the best toilet model for your home, and installing it properly, call your community plumbers at McDonald Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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