Benefits of A Home Performance Audit

mcdonaldphacHome performance audit provides a whole-house and a comprehensive approach to help improve the comfort and energy efficiency in your house.

You can ensure your home operates at peak efficiency, your indoor air quality is healthy and that you have a smaller carbon footprint. And that can all result in hundreds or thousands of dollars in savings for you.

Home performance audits are beneficial for several reasons. Most important to homeowners is that they can save you money, make your home more healthy and comfortable and help the environment.

What’s in a home performance audit?

Energy audit’s are thorough, professional reviews of your home energy consumption.

Auditors use several tools to determine your energy-use patterns, sources of loss and opportunities for improvement.

Those can include infrared cameras, blower doors, surface thermometers, PFT air-infiltration measurements, and even everyday items like soap bubbles and screwdrivers

There are many home performance energy audit rebates available. Talk with your city government or utility company about rebates. Many times, a home performance audit makes you eligible for additional savings in the form of rebates or financing.

Learn whether your home is energy efficient or not

There are some tangible benefits for energy rating from which consumers get helped in better knowing about the value of home energy efficiency.

When it comes to energy rating benefit, one good thing about it is for homeowners to get informed about the energy performance of their home. Many homes are plague with high bills in utility and the cause is due to the house performance issue and not with anything else.

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As a homeowner you should look for ways in detecting your home’s issues with the use of prescribed solutions created for the specific needs of your home and budget.

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