Arden-Arcade’s First Choice for Water Heater Repairs and Installations

McDonald Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning is Arden-Arcade’s water heater specialist.  Our licensed technicians have the experience and technical training to service, repair and install every kind of water heater.  When you need water heater repairs you can rely on Arden-Arcade’s own McDonald Plumbing for same-day service.  You’ll always get expert care at an affordable price with a 100% guarantee.

Essential Arden-Arcade Water Heater Repairs

American Standard Gas Water HeaterWhen your water heater’s leaking you want immediate service from a certified professional.  We can have a fully stocked service vanat your house almost immediately.  Our plumbers are prepared to diagnose and resolve problems from simple to critical.  Common water heater repairs include:

  • Built up sediment in the tank
  • Electrical malfunctions
  • Disintegrating anode rods
  • Limited hot water supply
  • Broken or worn out thermostats
  • Persistent leaks

Arden-Arcade depends on us for repair services to all water heater makes, models and sizes.  Residents call us for help with hybrid, tankless and conventional storage water heaters and others.  The most common size tanks we service are 40 gallons and 50 gallons but can range down to30 gallons and up to 80 gallons.With one quick call to McDonald Plumbing, you’ll be able to enjoy a perfectly functioning water heater in no time.

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Hybrid Water Heater Repairs and Inspections

Whether you chose a hybrid water heaterfor its efficient hot water delivery or energy savings, you’ll want to protect your investment by having problems addressed fast.  Our hybrid water heater repair services will restore your unit’s high performance the same day.As part of our commitment to your satisfaction, all our repair calls include basic safety inspections.  For example, common installation mistakes include poor workmanship on solder connections and discharge tubes.  We’ll double check that your water heater’s in superior condition.

Arden-Arcade Tankless Water Heater Repairs

People choose tankless water heaters to enjoy their long lives — often 20 years or longer — energy and space savings.  Clogged burners and blocked apertures are common problems we treat for our customers.  If your usual endless flow of hot water’s interrupted, call McDonald Plumbing today for an easy service call.  We’ll diagnose the issue and provide solutions on the spot.

Conventional Storage Water Heater Repairs in Arden-Arcade

Whether you have an electric or gas water heater, you probably rely on it for on-demand service every day.  Even small malfunctions can disrupt your daily routine.  With expert troubleshooting techniques and state-of-the-art repair solutions your water heater will be ready for use again fast.  Our licensed team of plumbers is also ready to help you install a new unit with top brands like Rinnai, State, AO Smith, Noritz, Bradford White and more.

Water Heater Maintenance for Enhanced Performance

It’s important to schedule regular maintenance visits.  These visits ensure your water heater investment continues to give you peak performance for many years.  McDonald technicians bring years of experience with all brands.  We know how to service and optimize each brand and model for reliability and enhanced performance.  Trust McDonald with your next water heater maintenance call.

Arden-Arcade Water Heater Installations

Tankless Water Heater Installation and RepairFrom showers to laundry to dishwashing, water heaters are one of your hardest working appliances.  Eventually, even the most advanced models, supported with routine maintenance, will need to be replaced.  When that time comes call McDonald for guidance at a great price.  We’ll work closely with you to determine which option will meet your water demands and your budget.

Arden-Arcade’s Most Trusted Water Heater Specialists for Over 50 Years

We have certified water heater experts on-call 24 hours every day.  That means you can call for help any time, day or night.  We’ll arrive with the tools and knowledge to help you immediately.  Our services are always 100% satisfaction guaranteed.  Call us today for your water heater repairs, installations and maintenance needs.

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